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What does it mean to step into your true self?

When we are born with a Sanskar, or a blueprint if you like. This blueprint is unique to you, in the same way your finger-print is unique to you.

However through life we get distracted, we go through childhood often shaped by school, our parents and our peers, we are subjected to clever advertisement and then of course social media, how to look, what to wear and who to be like and in this world of confusion we can forget who we truly are, losing touch with our purpose, forgetting our truth. We may get married, have children work a 9-5 to pay the bills, all of which may have been wonderful experiences, however within all of that…….

Have you wondered, who am I and how do I get there?

I feel through my own journey of struggles and tribulations, addictions and low self worth, I somehow managed to find focus in my life, removing some ego I built up along the way (I still work on this!) I can see the solutions in front of me.

Not always obvious but through my journey of self-discovery I realise I have some answers. You do too. Lets see if through this meditation workshop we can unlock some truths of who we really are.

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